Ms. Portia Phohu (Director)

A founder and visionary leader with lots of stamina and focus to drive the company forward. She has established a strong profile in the petroleum industry, both upstream and downstream through working close with world- class distinguished and established leaders in their positions. Besides her strong technical and business background, she has developed powerful relationships through assignments, research and networking in oil and gas since 2012. She has witnessed an exceptional self- growth and is willing to learn more to acquire new business, coordinate, run and generate profits for Biotight.

At this point, she is intensively exploring the petroleum distribution market, building relationships with financers, suppliers, wholesalers, transporters and potential clients with the aim to leverage on strategies to influence Biotights’ exponential growth.

Our Strength

When we say we are about quality product and excellent service, we mean it. We are aware of what is happening in the market. We do conduct research to improve our services and stay up to date with the energy sector. Our commitment to have the right people and right resources to deliver the best for you is at the core of our business. Biotight Petroleum not only assures delivering quality and on time, but we can also facilitate tailor- made financing solutions whenever feasible while associating the necessary risk management packages.

We know we can service you well because:

← We are young , energetic and have the required skills to run the business well
← We have product for local supply and also for export
← We are committed and determined – we are available almost 24/7 to ensure that all queries are attended to timely.
← We learn daily and are dynamic – our choice of business partners reflects our willingness to learn from the best for the benefit of our business and our clients.
← We are technology savvy and solution driven, hence we ensure our offer response to the needs of our client.
← We have exceptional support from suppliers, mentors and financial institutions
← We build strong relationships with all our stakeholders, especially our clients and suppliers. We believe that the sustainability of our business depends how well we maintain those relationships. Trust and Integrity is paramount in the manner in which we deal with our stakeholders.
← We believe in the importance of compliance to all regulations governing the industry, therefore we only source from the best.

Our People

Our team comprises of industry experienced entrepreneurs that are involved in the day-to-day running of the business to make sure that the services are adequately tailored and delivered. Our people are our biggest asset and with all our combined forces we are able to achieve our promise on delivery. We have a marketing team that is responsible for sourcing, selling, order processing, sales follow-up calls and the financial team that is responsible for procurement, invoicing, payments and collections.

The leadership of the company is young, professional, focused, and energetic and is always willing to learn from its mentors and experienced stakeholders so that we do things right first time. Biotight have therefore drawn interest from highly respected individuals both in business and energy sector, enabling us to undertake available petroleum distribution activities with pride and confidence.

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