At Biotight, world-class quality fueling is our top priority. We are committed to deliver the highest quality petroleum products that comply with the international safety and quality standards at an excellent service. Our petroleum products are sourced from oil majors i.e. SASOL, Total, PetroSA, Masana Oil (BP) and Shell. Mostly we source from SASOL. Having several suppliers ensures security of supply for our products, hence making us a reliable supplier in the market.

We are very passionate about servicing you. We do understand that most of our clients operate in remote areas that require special attention; we are ready to respond to such needs. Our satisfaction comes from seeing you having secure, reliable and quality fuel to carry on with your business activities.

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We supply the following products:

← Petrol 95
← Petrol 93 (ULP &LRP)
← Diesel 50 ppm and 10 ppm
← Illuminating Paraffin
← Lubricants – (Mining, Automotive, Aviation and Heavy Industrial)
← Fuel Oil/Heavy Furnace Oil (HFO)
← Aviation Gasoline
← Jet Fuel
← Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
← Biofuels
← Bitumen, Asphalt and other Black Products.

And offer the following services:
← Provision and servicing of multiple size storage tanks and dispensing equipment
← Provision of bulk petroleum tankers
← Fuel Management Systems and Training